How to Get More Clients as a Real Estate Agent

admin_seo   May 12, 2016   Comments Off on How to Get More Clients as a Real Estate Agent

The answer: Strengthen your online marketing campaign. To do that, you will either need to hire a team to do it for you or start learning how and do it yourself. Of course, it is recommended that you do the former.

So how can you strengthen your online marketing campaign? Start with your website. Remember that your website is virtually your business’s storefront on the Internet. Without it, you will be just wasting your money and time on marketing. Of course, a social media account can work as one as well; however, why not have both if you can, right?

Search Engine Optimization

The first that you need to do in your site is to apply search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or more popularly known as SEO, is a systematic process wherein your site will be tweaked to meet website standards of search engines. Of course, that is not the complete and technical definition, and there are more things about it that you will need to know.

Getting Local

There are many things to do when you talk about search engine optimization. However, as a real estate agent, your business will be completely bound to the region that you are serving or targeting. So, for your business or service to thrive, you must focus on applying local SEO, which will attract more of your “ideal potential customers.”

Local SEO

One of the steps in applying local SEO is to create a Google+ account. In that account, create a business page for your site. Complete the information needed by the account, and make sure that you get your account verified.

There are multiple ways to verify a Google+ account. The easiest and fastest way is for you to request Google to call you. The other method is getting a postcard from Google, which contain a verification code.

Link Building

Another essential search engine optimization technique that you should apply on your online marketing campaign is link building. Link building can be a long and tiring process for the layman. Technically, you will need to post links, which redirects to your site, on other websites that is relevant to your business.

Since you are a real estate agent, the best place to put your links is a real estate forum site. Also, putting links on your site that redirects to relevant website related to real estate, or any field related to it, will do you plenty of good in terms of search engine optimization.