End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service In London

Although the thought of moving to a new home can be very thrilling and leaves us excited, it also comes with a lot of stress no matter how glad you are to move out.

However, it is ideal that before you make a move to a newer and much better apartment in London, it is best that you go through the end of tenancy cleaning service that can be made available for you.

We all know that there was a tenancy agreement before you moved in, and this is why it is expected of you to read through this agreement again as it will give you an idea on how you should leave the house as you are making your way out.

Also, if there was any damage that was caused by you or a roommate, you will have to ensure that it is fixed or possibly replaced before you step out. Failure to do this will incur the wrath of the landlord as he will be well within his rights to send you a bill.

However, it is vital that you get your end of tenancy cleaning done on time so that you will get the home cleaned up before any last inspection takes place.

Nevertheless, if you cannot get the job done on your own, you can always decide to hire an expert end of tenancy cleaning service. Although, cleaning it yourself is much more cost-effective.

Final Clean Up Of The Home

You can always have an inspection checklist for the work you are going to carry out. In a bid to pass the final inspection, you can go through these tasks first. They include:

  • Kitchen

As for the kitchen, all that is needed is to remove everything you have in the shelves and cupboards.

Ensure that you remove every crumb as well as a stain with a wet cloth. Pull out the appliances you have in the kitchen and clean both beneath and behind each of them.

For the refrigerator, you should clean it inside and out and ensure that you remove the trays in the fridge, cabinet shelves, and racks to soak them in soapy water.

  • Living Room

When you get to this part, the two major tasks to carry out a to dust everything you placed there and to clean the carpets. Should there be any stains, you may have to think about hiring an expert to tackle the issue for you.

After that, you should clean the shelves, coffee table if any, cupboards, cabinets, and even the television stand.

  • Bathroom

Everything in the bathroom should be wiped clean to eliminate all stains. For this part, you should ensure that you clean up the bath, toilets, mirrors, sink, and not to forget the tiles.

Do not forget to check the drains just in case water is not able to flow easily.

Summing It Up

As we stated earlier, moving is fun and intriguing, but you will have to prepare your mind for the stress that comes with it.

Those mentioned above are just a few tips on some places in the house you should clean up before moving. Windows, walls, and even furniture are vital parts of the home that needs to be cleaned as well.