Are Press Releases Still Effective For SEO?

admin_seo   May 12, 2016   Comments Off on Are Press Releases Still Effective For SEO?

One of the most effective SEO strategies used by webmasters and online site owners a couple of years ago was press releases. Basically, a press release is a statement about a product, service, or innovation that is released for the information of specifically targeted group of audience. Press releases are known to be very effective in terms of increasing traffic to a website. People nowadays rely much on the Internet when it comes to information and this is why the use of press releases have benefited much those who have used it as a search engine optimization strategy. Companies offering SEO services have profited much from the demand for effective press releases.

However, it seems to be true that nothing lasts forever, even in the Internet.  When Google Panda version 4.0 was released on May 2014, it appeared that it affected much those websites that relied heavily on press releases for online visibility and traffic. While the algorithm just aimed to “thin out” the Internet of poor sources of information, press releases were hit hard because of “spammy” techniques used by SEO service providers. Since then, press releases and spam seemed to have gained an interconnected reputation.

The question is now directed on the effectiveness of use of this SEO strategy. Will this strategy still work in helping a website, product, service, or brand get its fair share of visibility and traffic? In a single glance, the answer appears to be obvious: Press releases have lost their full power in search engine optimization. However, one thing remains true and this is the fact that no matter what the case may be: Press releases still have what it takes to improve visibility and traffic even in small percentages.

There is nothing wrong in using press releases for SEO purposes these days. A website owner must just remember not to rely on it solely as a strategy in getting visitors and improving site traffic. It should be just a part of a bundled set of SEO strategies that can be used on a long-term basis. It also matters to know which provider of SEO services to trust. Only those companies that are familiar with how search engine algorithm works in relation to press releases must be tapped.